Families speak out after lofts burned down in Denison fire

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Three families lost their homes in the Denison Main Street fire when the upstairs lofts burned down with the building.

"It's something that you don't, maybe you worry about, but until it actually happens, you don't know the depth of what you're gonna have to do," said Brad Nickson, who lost his home to the fire.

Nickson and his wife LaSondra were inside their Main Street loft when the fire started Wednesday.

"We grabbed our wallets and phones and headed out the front door, and the rest of the day we just kind of watched things burn. And worried a whole lot, you know, what was the future going to show for us," Nickson said.

They just moved in about four months ago, so Nickson said most of their furniture is still in storage.

"We plan to stay in the area. But what exactly we're gonna do? It's hard to say," Nickson said.

The Nicksons are one of three families who were left homeless after the fire.

They're staying in a hotel until they can find a new home.

Another family who lived next door is staying with family in the meantime.

"Right now it just seems really unreal. Looking at the pictures, it's weird to think that my bedroom is where it caved in," said Mikayla Ross, who used to live in the loft with her husband and 3-year-old daughter Matea.

They say the community stepped in to help after the flames destroyed everything they owned.

Several different businesses, groups and people in the community have been quick to meet their immediate needs with gift cards, food and clothing.

"I don't have the words to thank people enough. I immediately want to give them something back because they're just being so selfless," Ross said.

The people of Denison have given them hope in getting back on their feet.

"It just reminds me how much I love Denison and how much of a community we really are," Ross said.

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