Family donates device for parents whose children are still-born

Published: Feb. 16, 2018 at 4:26 PM CST
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"I was just begging God, that this can't be right, you know,"Jill Batey said.

Jill Batey gave birth to a still-born baby girl in 2015.

"Until it happened to our family, I didn't realize how often it happens," Ron Batey said.

"I was expecting to come back to the hospital to a new baby sister and when I realized that she didn't make it, it was terrible for me," Taylor Batey said, "all I wanted to do was be able hold her, I just wanted to be her big sister and do things with her."

Jill says all she wanted was uninterrupted time with her baby moments after she was born.

"You want to keep them with you, you only have that short amount of time and you want that time," Jill said.

But time wasn't on her side.

Jill says her baby, Morgan, needed to stay cool, so she couldn't hold her much.

About eight months after losing Morgan, Jill and her husband Ron learned about the Caring Cradle, a support tool for families whose baby has died.

"You want them to look the best that they can look," Jill said, "this kinda gives you both, it helps you make those memories and you know keep them with you."

The device keeps the baby cool, and allows a comfortable atmosphere for families to say goodbye.

With the help of the community and Ron's job, the Bateys have donated the $2500 device to Ada's Mercy Hospital.

"This is a huge blessing for our mommies," Nurse Maggie Wyche said.

"We want to try to ease the pain of somebody else, hopefully, later on," Ron said.

"Any mommy who needs it, it's there and they won't get that time back, so it's a huge blessing," Wyche said.

"That time when it's just you and your baby, that's it, that's all you get," Jill said.