Family loses future home after truck catches on fire

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) Kevin Stephens found his family's future home on fire. He says it was hard to watch all of his family's belongings burn, but was grateful no one was inside or hurt.

Their family spent the last 2 years working on their 'barndominium'.

Stephens says he brought his truck inside the shop to take out another vehicle. The truck's battery light came on, and he decided he would work on it over the weekend.

When he returned, he found it up in flames.

He says what made the truck catch on fire is still being investigated.

Stephens says it was hard to watch the fire consume their future home, but knows they will recover.

"We're gonna try to lift ourselves up from it, you know keep the faith up. Hopefully we can get things up, and get our spirits up and just you know rebuild and get things back on track," he says.

For now the Stephens family is getting help from friends and loved ones. As of now they do not know the total cost of how much was lost in the fire, but their home has been deemed a total loss.

Monetary donations can be made to the family via GoFundMe.