Family loses more than stolen Christmas decorations

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CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- The family says some of the Christmas decorations that were stolen are irreplaceable and that's because some of them were from their daughter who died, hitting this tree with her car, 15 years ago.

"That's whats heartbreaking. Is that they stole from me my memories," says Sandra Buchanan.

"I think it's pretty low life people go around stealing things from people who have worked hard over their lives to get it," says neighbor Beryl McDonald.

Sandra Buchanan went to her shed on Wednesday to get Christmas decorations and saw they were gone.

"The tree was missing, boxes of decorations we've had for 30 plus years, almost 40 years, were gone. It's the memories, it's the broken Christmas tree in there, the ceramic Christmas tree that doesn't have a top on it that you look at and may think it's not worth anything but it means so much to us because its over 40 years old," says Buchanan.

Including dozens of ornaments from her daughter Hannah.

"Almost everything we had of hers for Christmas was in the boxes as wel. Everything else that was in the boxes that were the frog ornaments that we had gotten because she loved frogs. Everything that was in the box that was hers, that we've been collecting, they're all gone. The only one box of decorations they left was polar bears on ice skates, the only thing they left out there," says Buchanan.

"It's just not right," says McDonald.

The Buchanans have one Christmas wish.

"If you have any conscience at all, return them. No questions asked. Bring them back , place them on our doorstep. We're gonna have Christmas regardless of what you took from us," says Buchanan.

The family was notified back in August that this tree will be taken down in January and they feel they're losing yet another part of Hannah.

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