Family lost home to fire, now victim of theft

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- On New Year's Eve, a family who had already gotten their share of bad news recently got more.

"There were tire tracks in the yard and we knew that they weren't ours because it's been muddy and we hadn't been back there," said Ashley DeLeon.

Thieves had taken almost $2400 worth of their belongings from their old house, after it was abandoned due to an electrical fire in December.

"They stole the air conditioner that is attached to the house, the huge AC unit that's on the ground, they completely stole that. My son's four wheeler, it was gone," said DeLeon.

She says the worst part was having to tell their two kids.

"They've already been through, you know, the cancer issue and then the fire issue and now theft," said DeLeon.

But she is choosing to remain positive through it all.

"God had a plan and it'll come around," said DeLeon.

She says her cancer brought her family closer, the fire forced them to a nicer house in a better neighborhood and they will come back from this setback too.

DeLeon says the community's generosity during her family's hard times has inspired her.

"We have received so much that we want to give back and when the time comes and people need our help, we will give back," said DeLeon.

But first, she says her focus is rebuilding their lives to come back even stronger.

"Right now, it's all about focusing on 2019 and a better health and new house and new beginnings,' said DeLeon.