Family of Molly Miller marks six years since she vanished, says they are not quitting

Published: Jul. 8, 2019 at 6:52 PM CDT
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Alex Miller, the grandfather of Molly Miller, says the pain of not knowing where Molly is has not gone away.

"I'm in it every day," Miller said. "I think about it every day. It's constantly on my mind. It never goes away."

Miller said it has been six long years since Molly went missing in Love County.

He said he still remembers her athleticism and personality.

"She could come off the wall with stuff that will just crack you up," Miller said.

Investigators say Molly and Colt Haynes, who also went missing at the same time, were last seen with James Conn Nipp when the three were involved in a police chase, with Nipp behind the wheel.

Nipp was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the chase but was released in March 2018 on supervised release.

Miller said he believes Nipp is involved, if not responsible, for the death of Molly.

However, investigators have not had enough evidence to make an arrest or file additional charges.

"To them, they'd probably call it a cold case," Miller said. "Six years later and an anniversary and it's not a cold case to me."

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has been investigating their disappearances for years.

OSBI spokesperson Brook Arbeitman said in a press release to News 12 on Monday:

"The Molly Miller investigation is still active and ongoing. We are running down all the leads we received."

Anyone with information leading to the location of Molly Miller or Colt Haynes is asked to call OSBI at 8000522-8017.

"Until justice is done, we're in limbo," Miller said.

Miller said he will not give up on fighting for his granddaughter.

"We're not quitters," he said. "We're all bred Chickasaw Indian and we won't quit. We'll never quit looking for this child. Hell will have to freeze over before quit looking."