Family of Van Alstyne woman killed honors her with need-based internet program

Published: Nov. 30, 2017 at 9:18 PM CST
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The memory of a Van Alstyne teacher killed in an accident last year will live on because of a new internet program.

"Dorothy was an extraordinary human being who lived a lot of life in her 35 years."

Dorothy Loftice was killed in May of 2016 when the SUV she was riding in was t-boned by a Grayson Collin Electric Co-op truck on SH 5 near Blythe Road in Howe.

After her death, her mom, Janet Conner, visited the Van Alstyne library to find a way to honor her daughter.

"Is there something that Van Alstyne needs that would be a neat tribute and a way to honor Dorothy," said Conner.

That's how the idea of "Dorothy's Ruby Slippers" came about.

Starting Thursday, the Van Alstyne library offers 11 free mobile 4G hotspots for students and families who can't afford internet services.

Library Director, Judy Kimzey, says the internet is no longer a luxury.

"The internet is an absolute necessity in today's time as they are as students required to submit their homework via the internet. You have to have it.," Kimzey said.

Gretchen Madison is the High School Counselor and has chooses each student who will get to check out the internet hotspots each for a semester at a time.

"They've been so excited that there have been a lot of tears when I call and ask them if they're interested in," said Madison.

"We make assumptions that everyone in our society has the means with which to purchase not only the devices but the service," said Kimzey.

Conner says her daughter would have been proud to be a part of this program.

"This is exactly the right thing to do because she was all about fairness. And fairness is just about giving everybody a shot and the same tools," Conner said.

The library expects to get 10 more hotspots within the next week -- all made possible by donations.

If you're interested in this program or would like to donate, visit the Van Alstyne Library.