Family remembers former Denison ISD student killed in crash

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DALLAS, Tex. (KXII) - "She was one of the most caring individuals," said Alyssa Woosley. "And if she loved you, she loved you with all of your heart."

That's how Woosley describes her 22 year-old daugher Ainslee Henderson.

Ainslee was killed when a tow truck hit the vehicle she was riding in early Tuesday morning in Dallas.

Ainslee leaves behind her mother, father and three brothers.

"They're devastated, they loved her so much," said Woosley. "They loved her so much, they were each others rock."

Woosley said her daughter attended Denison schools but graduated from Mesquite and worked in an Autozone there because she loved fixing cars.

"She was gonna go to school for that starting in the spring," said Woosley. She would tell me it made her feel good especially when women would come in and ask questions about cars and find the answers for them."

Woosley said Ainslee had a big sense of humor and loved to smile and would often tell her family to not worry and cherish the little things life has to offer.

"It's the little things that matter and she would always tell me that and would say 'momma its the little things that matter,'" said Woosley. "You don't know what you have until its gone and I just pray that people would see that before its too late."

Woosley said Ainslee's funeral is scheduled for Saturday in Sunnyvale.

She said they appreciate the support that they've received from the community.

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