Family says drugs played role in multi-county crime spree

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) A week after three people were accused of stealing from Tractor Supply Company then shooting at a Good Samaritan in Durant, police said one of those suspects led officers on a manhunt in Bells.

It took more than ten agencies, dogs and horses two hours to take 29-year-old Gregory Blair into custody on June 5, just yards away from two guns and body armor.

Police said he stole his grandpa’s truck earlier that day.

"I'm just glad they caught him,” Tractor Supply Company manager James Mead said. “I just hopes he takes a good long vacation away from the general public. That's that where he belongs."

Police in Durant told us Blair is one of the suspects in a shots fired case from May 26, driving his grandfather Carl's truck as the getaway vehicle for a larceny at the store.

One of three suspects in that pickup then shot at a customer who followed them after they theft.

"Going down the road shooting at somebody behind them,” Mead said. “They're just lucky they didn't hit some small child like these three right here."

Carl Blair said Gregory Blair is bi-polar and has self-medicated since he was a teen, before eventually turning to meth.

"Has gotten into trouble but,” his grandfather said. “He has a good heart. Will help anyone do anything all he has to do is call him and he'll be there. The best thing for a person like Gregory is drug court, not prison. Prison only makes a person worse. They learn more and more crime in person and it does absolutely nothing for them. There is no such thing as rehabilitation in prison."

Carl Blair said he speaks from experience, after working at a federal prison for 13 years.

“They need training, they need schooling, they need counseling. But not prison at young ages.”

Others we talked to say the drug epidemic is a problem everywhere.

"Terrible for our younger generation,” Durant resident Susan Wallace said. “You see a lot of good people fall down on their luck, they get into the drug issues and it goes downhill from there.”

Carl Blair said he didn’t turn his grandson in, but he does want him to get the right kind of help, to get off drugs and be the good man he knows he is.

"I would just like him to know that we love him.” Carl Blair said.

Blair is now at the Grayson County Jail on a $160,000 bond. He has yet to be formally charged in the Durant case.