At least one student suspended after fight at Madill High School

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 6:34 PM CST
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At least one of the students involved in a fight caught on video at Madill High School has been suspended, according to his family.

The video making rounds on social media shows two Madill high school students fighting in a school bathroom Tuesday.

However, the father of the boy wearing the backpack in the video said this was not the first confrontation.

He says the bigger student, another boy and his son's cousin showed up to his house Monday night making threats.

You can hear the alarm in the father's voice from the 911 call.

"When he was leaving, he said that they had a loaded gun in the car and that they were going back to there on Geraldine to get some more guns was going to come back out here and take all of us out because we made him leave the property," the caller said.

Marshall County sheriffs deputies were called and went to an address where the trio was supposedly headed but did not find anyone.

The fight happened the next day and the boy in the backpack is now suspended for the rest of the school year.

His father says his son has been bullied by other boys for some time now and he was simply fighting back when the other boy attacked.

"I've always taught my son to never back down and don't put up with any crap but you don't ever start a fight," the father said.

The father said this is the third time his son has been involved in a fight.

Madill Public Schools could not comment on the discipline of the other student involved.

The father said he plans to look into the matter himself by checking messages on his son's phone and is considering appealing his suspension.

"It's a possibility," the father said. "But if it shows he's agreeing to fight at school or meet up or something like that. I'm not going to appeal it. He's going to be stuck with what he's doing and be getting his work done at home."