Fannin County family loses everything in fire Wednesday

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FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) The Wooten family was not home Wednesday morning when a fire turned their home to a pile of ash.

They lost their pets in the blaze, but no one else was hurt. They say they are thankful for that despite everything else.

"I didn't get up this morning and expect to lose everything I had," shared David Wooten.

The Wooten family has lived in Fannin County, near Lake Crockett outside of Honey Grove for generations.

"We've never not known it, me and my older brother and even my younger brother. The memories are always gonna be there, but right now the heartbreak is just hitting hard," said one Wooten son, Dawson.

Around 9 a.m. Wednesday, a fire took their home and everything in it, including the lives of their four cats.

Their neighbor, James Smith, is the one who saw the flames, called 911 and then called the family at work.

"They're taking it hard, but they're keeping their spirits up," said Smith.

Smith said as soon as the fire was out, the neighborhood came together to lift up the Wootens.

"Oh Lordy, the whole neighborhood got together had a cookout. About 50 years of family have been on this hill," said Smith.

Officials say the house is unlivable and essentially gone.

Decades of memories destroyed in what seemed like an instant. The Wootens know they have a lot of work ahead to get back on their feet, but they also know they won't have to do it alone.

"Well when you lose everything, just about anything will work, you know even support. A little clean up help or something you know maybe help on rebuilding as well because I can't do it all by myself," said Wooten.

An official cause for the fire has not been determined. The Wooten family has a GoFundMe page set up to help with their immediate needs as well as rebuilding their home from the ashes.