Fannin County reservoir name debate could lead to change

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BONHAM, Texas (KXII) The North Texas Municipal Water District broke ground on the $1.6 billion reservoir project at the end of May.

While some thought the ceremony was held for Bois D'arc Lake, it was actually a groundbreaking for the North Texas Municipal Lake- a name change the district made in April.

“Our landowners gave up 16 thousand acres, we gave up our water,” Fannin County District Attorney Richard Glaser said. “We feel like we’ve been taken advantage of and everyone wants a more romantic name for the lake. Bois d’Arc Lake is what I think a majority of the public want.”

Glaser told News12 the name is too similar to their landfill in Melissa.

"Which reminds us about it every time we drive by,” Glaser said. “You can smell it. I mean who names a lake after a landfill or a garbage dump."

And he's not the only one offended. Texas State Senator Bob Hall brought it up at a Senate committee hearing earlier this week in Austin.

"Can you imagine somebody investing to build a nice big lake house on the North Texas Municipal Water District Lake?” Hall said. “Or having to put that on your address?"

"This to me was the height of arrogance of an organization that feels it is not accountable to anyone."

In a statement released Friday, the water district said they will consider renaming the lake next month to whatever the public supports.

“NTMWD has worked hard over the years to build relationships and goodwill with the residents of Fannin County, and we sincerely want to continue to be good neighbors and partners in the future,” NTMWD spokesperson Janet Rummel said. “Selecting a name that Fannin County supports is important to the District.”

Commissioners will discuss which name to suggest at their meeting on Tuesday, so far the front runner: Bois D'arc Lake.