Fannin Co. Sheriff's Office plays baseball with 'Angel League'

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BONHAM, Tex. (KXII) -- The staff at a local sheriff's office stepped aside from their tasks to make the day of some local kids.

Kenlee Grace Karl, 12, is on the Angel League, a baseball team for kids with special needs. But Tuesday night's game came with an extra surprise, the Fannin County Sheriff's Office joined the team.

"They just love life and it was such a blast to get out there and be there with them," Fannin County Sheriff Mark Johnson said.

Sheriff Mark Johnson also let the kids get into the patrol car.

"We set the lights off, the sirens, they got to honk the horns," Johnson said.

"That was new and something that none of them had ever done, so that was the biggest smiles we had had in a long time," Kenny Karl said.

Kenlee's Dad Kenny Karl started the team nine years ago with the help of the Bonham Kiwanis Club.

What the sheriff's office did not only made a lasting impact on these kids, but everyone on the field.

"Just a time to be free and just enjoy life a little bit, without thinking about business and all of the police work," Johnson said.

"The groups that come out, they get as much out of it or more," Karl said. "Everybody has the smiles, not just the players."

A smile that is still on Kenlee's face.

"To see each of our angels reach a mile stone or do something for the first time, you can't put that into words," Karl said.

If you want to come play with the Angel League, call 512-497-5690.