Fannin, Grayson County report increase in registered voters

TEXAS -- Voter registration has come to an end in Texas, but Fannin County as well as Grayson County say they've seen an increase in registered voters.

"In the last four weeks, we've seen something of an insurgence of registration from people who have never voted before."

Fannin County Clerk Tammy Biggar said the voting office has been packed in the past few weeks, many people coming to register to vote for the first time.

"We had an elderly lady yesterday, about 70 years old," Biggar said. "This was her first time registering to vote."

The election excitement was mirrored across Texas.

Nearly 16 million people had already registered by the end of September-- a record for the state.

"We're on track to double our ballots by mail which is a good indication of voting," Biggar said.

Biggar said it may have to do with the recent Supreme Court justice hearings.

"The only thing I've seen that's got people inflamed one way or the other is the Kavanagh hearings," she said. "And whether you're on either side of the aisle, they want to be involved."

Grayson County hasn't seen as big of an influx as Fannin, but they reported more than 80,000 people are now registered.

Elections Administrator Deana Patterson noted that each year since 2014 they've increased by 2,000 registered voters.

"We grow about 2,000 registered voters each year. Pretty much on track but very busy at the end," Patterson said.

Voters we spoke with are fired up about this year's election with contested races like Ted Cruz and Beto O'Rourke for senate.

"I think it's very important now with the big division in our country," said local Anne McKurtis. "If you have values you stand on, vote for somebody you believe stands for those values."

Early voting begins Oct. 22 and election day is Nov. 6.

Fannin County election info/ sample ballot:

Grayson County election info/ sample ballot:

You have until Friday if you're in Oklahoma and haven't registered. You must register in-person or by mail.

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