Fans get ready for Red River Showdown

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GAINESVILLE, Tex. (KXII) - Whether you say "Hook 'Em Horns" or "Boomer Sooner", fans on both sides of the Red River agree this is their favorite time of year to do some friendly trash talking.

"We've been doing it on the road the whole way here, going by cars, doing the horns down," said Bryan McDanel, a Sooner fan.

"It's obviously going to be a Texas victory," said Mike Pistana, a Longhorn fan.

Saturday's matchup will be the 115th all-time meeting with the Longhorns and the Sooners.

Texas won last year's Red River Showdown, but Oklahoma had the last laugh by winning the Big 12 championship.

"All my relatives are in Oklahoma, but I am a U-T fan. Just a good natured rivalry of the whole thing, its just fun," said Texas fan Jane Autry.

"Every year its the biggest game of the year for Sooner fans, and we can't wait for the game to come down here to watch it at home or get together and have a party," said McDanel.

A hot topic before the conference championship game last year was the use of the "horns down" gesture, as the Big 12 conference said players would be penalized if they used that taunt during the game.

That penalty still stands across the conference, and draws some criticism from the Sooner faithful.

"Whoever came up with stopping that ought to be put in jail," said Max Patzack, an Oklahoma fan who has been to the Red River Showdown every year for 62 years in a row.

But these Longhorn fans say its all in good fun.

"I'm real quick to put my horns up and root on Sam (Ehlinger). Because you know what, number 11 is going to take us home. He's our Heisman trophy winner and he's gonna do it for us," said Autry.

"I think its kind of silly that its a penalty, but I'll take the penalty if we can get it," said Pistana.

Texas and OU will kickoff Saturday at 11 a.m., and you can catch that game on FOX.