Father of Honey Grove man accused of killing baby says son is innocent

HONEY GROVE, Tex. (KXII) - Last year, a three month old baby died in Honey Grove. Months later, his father was charged with capital murder.

Draven Dennis was just shy of three months old when he died.

The suspect's father reached out to us because he thinks investigators have it all wrong-- he says his son didn't lay a hand on his baby.

"They loved their child."

Jim Dennis says his son Rakwon Dennis and girlfriend Miracle Layman would do anything for their first child, Draven.

"He was the most proud dad in the world."

Last June, Jim said he was cooking dinner with Rakwon and Miracle.

He went to lie down for a few minutes when he heard his son banging on the door.

The parents said Draven was being bottle-fed when he began to choke and stopped breathing.

"She had two fingers trying to do what they told her to do to give CPR," Jim Dennis said. "Rakwon was running back and forth."

Draven was rushed to the hospital and died.

Jim said Draven has a history of breathing problems, showing us medical records from months leading up to his death.

"They would get up at 4 in the morning and drive to Sherman to take that baby to the hospital," Draven's grandfather said.

But the Texas Rangers interviewed Miracle and Rakwon the next day.

Months later, the Rangers charged Rakwon with capital murder of a person under age 10.

An indictment from February alleges Rakwon struck Draven in the head to death with his hand.

"There wasn't a mark or bruise on him."

The medical report from the day Draven died states there was no evidence of trauma on his body.

Rakwon was booked into the Fannin County Jail and has been there ever since.

Rakwon has a plea conference set for Thursday.

If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

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