Father records video showing daughter being jolted by Whitesboro school bus

Published: May. 16, 2019 at 6:18 PM CDT
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A Whitesboro father posted a video of a school bus driver taking off before his daughter even sat down last week.

Gerald Manzanares says his 8 -year-old daughter Hannah had been complaining about falling down on her Whitesboro ISD bus a lot lately.

"I blew it off as a small child being clumsy," he said.

It wasn't until his wife went out of town last Monday, that he began waiting for the bus with Hannah, and noticed a trend.

"I noticed the bus would take off and she wasn't in her seat and would fall down," he said.

On the third day of seeing the same thing, he began recording.

"My daughter suffers from RSS. She has lots of joint pain its not healthy for her to be bounced around. To see it was infuriating," Manzanares said.

Russell Silver Syndrome, or RSS, is a rare form of dwarfism that causes Hannah a lot of pain.

"She's very small in stature but very big in heart."

Manzanares took the video to the school, then he posted the video to Facebook.

"I was informed they would talk to the bus driver."

Superintendent Ryan Harper says the driver still works for the district and has been disciplined and he used the incident as a lesson for all his drivers.

"We reiterated safety is number one. These are easy things that should not be overlooked, have students seated and doors shut before leaving," Harper said.

Manzanares said it's not just his daughter-- he wants all the kids who ride the bus to be safe, and urges parents to speak up.

He said many comments were people saying that was normal for school buses.

"That should not be the norm," he said.

The superintendent said the district is focused on keeping kids safe and hope to not ever see those mistakes made moving forward.

Manzanares said the bus driver has been following the rules since he recorded the video.

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