Final suspect in Grayson County copper theft ring arrested

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - The third and final suspect in a Grayson County copper theft ring is in custody.

Back in July, a communications company technician told Grayson County deputies that he noticed a couple hundred feet of telephone wire stolen from a site in Van Alstyne.

From there, it just got worse.

"That's kinda what started our Top 10 list," said Capt. Sarah Bigham with the Grayson County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies got several more calls about stolen copper from Van Alstyne, Sherman and Anna.

A complaint states investigators were tipped off that Steven Dodson and Andrew Atkins were the thieves.

"Numerous amounts of information connected together to prove those individuals are involved," Bigham said.

Investigators say Atkins and Dodson would cut and steal the copper.

And their friend Dana Northcutt would go to a scrap metal shop to sell it.

Northcutt was the first to turn herself in on August 20 and Atkins was arrested in Collin County three days later.

Steven Dodson was arrested Tuesday in Bryan County after his photo was posted all over social media and on billboards.

"Most can be traced back to drug activity for new way to obtain funds for drugs," Bigham said.

Law enforcement said copper theft is a big problem in Texoma.

"It happens all the time in abandoned buildings, anytime there's copper left exposed-- on home construction sites with exposed copper," said Sgt. Brett Mullen with the Sherman Police Department.

All three are facing charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

The complaint says the three got away with $4,500 worth of copper, but the damage they left behind totaled around $45,000.

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