Fire Marshall investigates suspicious Wilson house fire

WILSON, Okla. (KXII) - A pile of debris is what's left of a mobile home that caught fire near the corner of 5th and Hugo St.

"This was like BANG, like somebody had hit the house," Tara Smith said.

"Never seen anything quite that drastic," Dee Richardson said.

Neighbors in the area say it was about 3 a.m. when they woke up after hearing several loud explosions that shook their homes.

"I heard a noise that sounded like someone was messing around my house, I didn't know what it was," Richardson said. "I thought my husband had fallen out of bed."

"I thought maybe someone had run into our house or somebody was trying to break in our home it was just really super loud," Smith said.

Tara Smith says her husband rushed outside to find the mobile home down the street was up in flames and called 911.

The flames burned most of the trailer down and even damaged part of the neighbors home.

"By the time the fire department got there they weren't going to be able to save it," Smith said. "It had taken out the garage next door."

"Had they not got there and got the water going, it would've got that house," Richardson said.

The fire marshal says no one was home at the time the fire started.

Neighbors say they watched for over an hour as firefighters worked to put out the flames.

"The grass was on fire all the way around there and it was just really getting out of control," Richardson said.

"If they hadn't gotten here when they did or even a bigger explosion, it possibly could've caught more stuff on fire," Smith said.

The fire marshal says it's an ongoing investigation and a cause will not be determined until they interview owners.

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