Fired Achille police chief speaks out

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ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII)- Many people who attended the Achille town hall meeting Tuesday night erupted in applause when the board of trustees announced police chief Chris Watson was fired, but Watson says he wouldn't change anything about the way the police department handled the search warrant on Bryan baker's home last week.

"I was already prepared for how they were going to vote because its quite obvious why certain parties on that city council didn't want police there," said Watson.

Watson is referring to board members Lynn Chambers and Bryan Baker, who both voted to fire all three paid Achille police officers.

Chambers was arrested in December for meth trafficking, and the entire police force was suspended after this raid on Baker's home last week, as officers cuffed Baker while they served a search warrant for his wife Ashley, a convicted felon accused of having a gun.

"Every action the department took that day was completely legal. I only used enough force necessary to gain compliance from Mr. Baker," said Watson.

Assistant Chief John Choate was chosen by the board to be the interim police chief.

However, Choate chose to resign because of the way he feels the officers were treated.

"Their mentality for the last few months was to try to get rid of the entire police department because they did their job," said Choate.

That leaves only Candice Conner as a paid officer. She is not yet CLEET certified to become a police officer.

Bart Alsbrook says he will remain a reserve officer.

Watson won't say if he will take legal action on the town for wrongful termination.

While Chambers' arrest was handled by the Achille police department, the case has now been handed over to the Bryan county district attorney's office. No charges have been filed in that case.

"Life goes on. Its not like you get terminated or you leave achille and your career is over," said Watson.

Candice Conner will take over as interim police chief, while the town is taking applications to fill this role full time.