Veteran Firefighter takes City of Ardmore to court

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ARDMORE (KXII) - After 22 years with the Ardmore City Fire Department, Brian McDaniel is suing the city after it rejected his workers compensation claim after his prostate cancer surgery.

After two denied claims, a veteran firefighter is taking the City of Ardmore to workers' compensation court.

McDaniel used insurance through the city for his initial surgery, and was successful in the removal of the cancer, but the other expenses weren’t covered and the symptoms are an everyday challenge to overcome.

"It changes everything, it changed my life, it changed the way I felt about everything. Having a diagnosis of cancer shakes you through your core, it did me,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said he was denied two times in 2018, and after retiring early January due to his post surgery symptoms, he’s taking the City of Ardmore to workers’ compensation court.

The City of Ardmore couldn’t comment.

"It just felt like I was just left out there,” McDaniel said. “I got mixed emotions and I still do about forcing this issue with them. But this ultimately it's not about me, it's about the next guy." .

Scott Richards, Ardmore Firefighters Association President said fires should be the only thing firefighters battle, not their healthcare.

"Unfortunately for us, cancer is one of those things and when you get diagnosis, there's a of lot battles you're going to have to fight, and having to battle for your health care shouldn't be one of those things,” Richards said.

Richards claims this is the first time where an Ardmore firefighter obtained cancer in the line of duty.

As McDaniel continues his fight, he is also looking to help his family in uniform.

"Sad to say there will be others," McDaniel said. "It was a resolution, but I need it for them as well, my fellow firefighters. I mean, I happen to be the first in Ardmore to have gone through this, sadly, I don't think I'll be the last."