Firework and driving safety on New Year's Eve

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- With the new year quickly approaching, its important to celebrate safely. Whether it comes to driving and even fireworks.

As the skies light up with fireworks this weekend, Bryan County's EMS deputy director, Nate Toews, says its important to remember they could easily become dangerous. And fireworks used incorrectly can cause serious injuries.

"Anything from first degree burns. They're explosive devices so it can range as bad as you can imagine."

And not uncommon during New Years Eve.

"I know we've had a few over the few years that I've worked here."

The good news is, Toews says most of those injuries are completely avoidable.

"Typically speaking as long as everyone reads the label and obeys all the warnings and cautions, they should be safe. Make sure to wear eye protection."

As for fireworks and alcohol...

"Uh its never a good idea."

Another bad mix? Cars and alcohol. That's why AAA Texas is offering a free service called Tipsy Tow for those in need of a sober ride on New Year's Eve and the following morning.

"From 6pm to 6am on NYE, we will allow free towing as a last resort."

Daniel Armbruster with AAA Texas says nearly 8 million people are expected to travel this holiday season. That's why they urge drivers to plan out their nights.

"If you're going to a party, think about who is going to be there. Do you have a designated driver? Do you have a cab service saved in your phone? And then this is a last resort."

Armbruster says you do not have to be a AAA member but says the service is for a one-way, one-time ride.

The service is also available in Oklahoma.

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