Firework safety tips to ring in the new year

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Fireworks and new years always go hand in hand. But there are some important precautions people need to make sure they're taking to stay safe

It's almost time to welcome the new year.

And this is one of the busiest times of the year for stores selling fireworks.

"We have the most people come out and buy fireworks to celebrate and have a good time."

Jim Cooper is the co owner of firework world and says they strive to help keep people safe this time of year.

"We actually have safety tips in our stores and signage and some of our bags have safety tips and we talk to the customers abut it. We actually have people call up and say hey whats the way to do this."

And because children love fireworks too, Cooper says it's important parents keep an eye on their kids...

"a young child in particular may not know that they're doing something wrong so make sure adult supervision is on hand."

And With high winds and dry grass this season... the fire department says it's important to be extra careful when lighting fireworks.

"it doesn't take much for them to go. Especially if its windy . Once the fire starts then with this dry heat its just going to pass real quick and it'll get out of hand. "

James Cummings, a Sherman firefighter, says to avoid starting a fire and beginning the new year with tragedy, it's best to light fireworks away from dry grass.

"if you have windy conditions, maybe have a hose nearby just in case but always try to keep it on concrete if you can."

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