Fireworks business owner gives back to local volunteer fire department

CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - "It's just good to give, it's just good to give," Greg Elliott said.

Greg Elliott, the owner of Elliott's Fireworks stand on South Commerce Street, says his brother started the business 41 years ago to help pay for college.

Elliott was handed the business nine years later.

"Honestly if I wouldn't have this firework stand I would not have had the money to afford to go to school," Elliott said.

Fast forward to 2018 and Elliott is keeping the business in the family, running the stands with his children, nieces and nephews who also use part of the money to fund their way through school.

And they are not the only one's benefiting from the family owned and operated business.

Elliott donates fireworks to the Lakeland Manor assisted living facility and raises money for the Criner Hills Volunteer Fire Department.

"Last year he raised about $2,500 and that goes to help us on our gas bills and keep our equipment running and ready to go again," Criner Hills Fire Chief Charles Campbell said.

Elliott says every year he hosts a firework show at the Tuscan Vineyards in the county for customers to enjoy at the end of month.

For the past two years money donated during the 45 minute to an hour long display is donated to the Criner Hills Volunteer Fire Department who also assists during the show.

"A lot of family's are out having fun and shooting fireworks and these guys are out giving their time and effort to protect us so I think they deserve it," Elliott said.

Elliott says the show will be held on July 21st at dusk.

He's set a goal of donating $4,000 to the 18 man volunteer department.

"He's the one that supports us and he's been doing it for a few years," Fire Chief Campbell said. "We do support him and we do appreciate him."

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