First all-girl Boy Scout troop forms in Denison

DENISON, Tex. (KXII)-- The Boy Scouts of America is made up of several programs including the Cub Scouts and another, which was once known as the Boy Scouts.

Last year, a decision was made to drop the word "Boy", and change it to Scouts BSA to allow girls into the group.

"So once she was able to actually get in there and start earning stuff for herself rather then her brother out, it was very exciting for her," said the Scoutmaster of Troop 403.

For the first time in more than 100 years, girls ages 11 to 18 will be allowed to participate in the same activities as boys and even be given the chance to earn the prestigious honor of becoming an Eagle Scout.

"What the boy scouts teach young kids is stuff that can help them out in college, its helps them in job interviews..."

St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Denison is paving the way to make that happen by being the chartering partner of Troop 403.

Father Don Perschall says that although there are people against the change, the requirements to become a scout will not be watered down in any way.

"The same high standard of everything is being sustained both for boys and girls," said Father Don.

"I'm actually very excited because cause I don't just have to be with my brother," said Kaydence Hayes, one of the first members of the all-girl troop.

Activities for the scouts will be separated by gender, but everyone will be involved in the same environment.

"Boy Scouts of America is stepping forward and offering that same program that same opportunity without any discrimination," added Father Don.

There is still space open for more girls to join, and it is open to everyone, income level will not affect a candidate. Meetings are held every Monday at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Denison.