First of its kind, special law enforcement training in Coal County

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COALGATE, Okla. (KXII)-- Two SWAT snipers founded the Spearpoint Training Group, dedicated to training law enforcement and military students.

They teach lifesaving lessons in tactical tracking, like Saturday's search and rescue training in Coal County.

"So what we're teaching them is how to work visual tracking and how to integrate K-9 and unmanned aerial support system with your trackers," said Michael Bonin, one of the instructors.

The Coal Country Sheriff's Office and Office of Emergency Management trained in reality based scenarios, finding people pretending to be missing in wooded areas.

The training procedure is called search and rescue reality based training.

And its considered to be a first of its kind in the state of Oklahoma.

"This class is a two day class it went into night operations last night, on how to find just different scenarios, how to find a missing hunter."

During Saturday's lesson the men were tasked with finding an 85-year-old with dementia who wandered into the woods.

A drone was used in the search along with a K-9 and the personnel who used what they had learned into action.

It's a training that Coal County Sheriff Bryan jump requested.

"Some of these guys have had some training through an association, there's several that need to be brought up to speed and it was his foresight to get us up here and get them to that point," said Bonin.

"We're preparing for the worst and praying for the best, just train hard and work hard," said Jump.

Sheriff Jump says this is crucial training that could make the difference in life and death.

And an opportunity to work out all kinks before facing real life situations.