First responders attend special AirEvac training in Hugo

HUGO, OK. (KXII)-- Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, some with life threatening injuries.

A matter of seconds can make the difference whether or not someone will survive. That's when first responders call for a helicopter transport.

But landing a helicopter near a road or in a tricky spot can sometimes be just as dangerous as the accident itself, so it takes the help of the people on the ground.

Justin Kinkade is the Senior Program Director for Air Evac Lifeteam, he said, "this allows us to be able to come out train your first responders, and your fire departments on how to effectively and safely land helicopters".

According to Hugo Fire Chief, Ron Cloud, "there's a lot of things that go into it, EMS has to do their part, fire departments usually kind of help with the landing zone to set it up".

Choctaw County Emergency Management Director Patt Collins organized the class that was put together by Air Evac Lifeteam.

She said that firefighters are the first on the scene to most accidents and that its important for them to learn how to set up a landing zone for an oncoming helicopter.

"They help work all the accidents and house fires, grass fire and we never know when we'll need to call a helicopter in".

Several new volunteer fire departments have started in the area.

There are also new firemen in the Hugo Fire Department making these topics for the new firefighters so important.

"There's certain things they go over with our guys just to make sure we're still in compliance and we know what they want us to do".

The class was completely optional. Those who decided to attend knew they were doing something that would benefit not only themselves but also the community.