Fisherman finds shark tooth on Lake Texoma shore

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- A local fisherman found a shark tooth near the Lake Texoma shoreline over the weekend and it's more than 90 million years old.

"That there were sharks here at one point, that they were literally right here, it's unbelievable," Jackson Cross said.

Jackson Cross said his friend found the fossil on the shore of Lake Texoma in south Marshall County.

"He saw this part right here, it looked like a little wish bone, and he flipped it up, pulled it out and was like wow, interesting," Cross said.

Turns out it's a shark tooth.

"They can vary in size, but it has those two very distinctive roots and quite an elongate form," George Diggs said.

Austin College Professor George Diggs said it's one of many fossils you can find near the lake, all ranging from 90 to 100 million years old.

But it has nothing to do with Lake Texoma.

"At that time, the earth's continents were in different positions and the sea level was quite different and so what is now Texas was totally underwater," Diggs said.

More than 90 million years ago, Texoma was an ocean. How do we know that? Diggs said he's seen the evidence firsthand.

"Grayson County is very famous for fossils, shark teeth, fossil oysters, fossil clams, all kinds of things, sea creatures though cause it was all underwater," Diggs said.

Cross and his friends are probably the first humans to ever lay eyes on this tooth.

"Being that it's 90 million years old, that really puts things into perspective," Cross said.

Diggs said finding the fossils isn't the hard part, the challenge is getting people to stop and notice nature.

"Anybody can go to the park and walk along and you see these rocks lying around and a bunch of them are fossils, it's very easy if you are observant," Diggs said.

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