Fishermen catch video of monster buck swimming in Lake Texoma

Published: Oct. 16, 2018 at 10:19 PM CDT
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Two Louisiana men were in the middle of a fishing tournament out on Lake Texoma this past weekend when they saw a deer swimming across a cove.

It was on the Denison side near Platter Flats.

"It was a pretty magical hour there for a second," Jordan Breaux said.

Breaux and his friend were in town from Lake Charles, Louisiana, for a fishing tournament.

They were on a boat catching fish, when something caught their eye.

"And Brad goes, 'Man, a deer just jumped in the water!' So I kind of was like really? It was behind the tree and then he came out and I was like, holy smokes. That's a giant deer," Breaux said.

They're both deer hunters and said this one was at least 150 inches or more.

"I mean we were in the middle of this really competitive tournament where we were in good standing after Day One. And we just stopped everything we were doing to watch this deer," Breaux said.

They steered the buck back to the bank.

"But what we didn't realize was that he had jumped in the lake because he had a dog chasing him," he said.

After getting to land, Breaux said the deer jumped back in, along with the dog.

So they got in the middle to get both back safely.

"And the deer swam across to the other cove, he made it," Breaux said.

Experts said for deer that live around the lake, water is part of their habitat.

"So it's not too unusual for them to swim and they are strong swimmers," said Hagerman Wildlife Refuge Deputy Manager Paul Balkenbush.

Balkenbush said deer swim for reasons like food, escaping a predator, or finding a mate.

But said if you see one going for a dip, let it be.

"They're still a wild animal, it'd probably be best to keep your distance," Balkenbush said.

For Breaux and his friend, the buck brought luck.

They caught their biggest fish right after, and placed 7th in the competition.

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