Flu, other illnesses causing above average absentee rates in Fannin Co. schools

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FANNIN COUNTY, Texas (KXII) Flu season is in full swing in Fannin County.

"Everybody is just kind of tired and it's that time of year, you know, nobody's feeling very good," said Elisha Crowley, who's daughter is a kindergartner at Leonard Elementary.

Crowley said she heard the flu was going around at the school when she picked her up Tuesday.

"The teacher was telling me that about 30 of their students are out with the flu," said Crowley.

Wednesday, she kept her daughter home.

"Just want make sure she's okay and keep an eye on her myself," said Crowley.

Assistant Superintendent Brad Maxwell said about 40 out of the 285 children that attend Leonard Elementary school are out sick.

"Right now, it just seems to be focused at the elementary campus, we're seeing a higher number of absenteeism than our other campuses," said Maxwell.

However, he adds it's unclear what percentage of that is to blame on the flu.

"We don't know all the reasons why," said Maxwell. "We do know that there had been a few confirmed cases of the flu."

Maxwell said a cleaning crew came in and sanitized the schools before kids came back from holiday break, and they're taking other precautions as well.

"On a daily basis our janitorial staff, they're cleaning, disinfecting - doorknobs, water fountains, student desks, keyboards with the computers," said Maxwell.

Bonham ISD Superintendent Dr. Marvin Beaty said they, too, have an unusual number of students out sick, with ten percent of the district out on Monday. Both Bonham and Leonard said they're monitoring those numbers, in case they need to close the schools.

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