Flu prevention advice you have NOT heard before

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- By now you've heard the advice this flu season: go buy a flu shot and be sure to use that hand sanitizer.

It's the best advice the Centers for Disease Control has for you.

In our area, it seems people either aren't following that advice or it isn't working for them.

45 deaths in Oklahoma.

In our viewing area alone, 14 school districts shutdown due to the flu.

Emergency rooms are slammed, and one hospital has set up a special triage area just for the flu.

So News 12's Dan Thomas was wondering if maybe there might be some additional things you can do to possibly stay safe from the flu.

He spoke with Dr. Jessica Hutchins, a board certified OBGYN, educated at Case Western Reserve University. She's a former physician at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute and the co-founder of Inspire Wellness.
To see Dan's conversation watch the video above.

To learn more about Dr. Hutchins, her background and qualifications follow this link: http://inspirewellnessmd.com/about/

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