Food trucks could get permanent location in downtown Denison

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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- The city council is considering updating an ordinance that would make way for an area dedicated just for food trucks downtown.

Jake Brigman co-owns Lucky 2 BBQ, a food truck and catering company, with his dad. He tells us special events like Music on Main is what keeps them coming to downtown Denison.

"Every Friday night, we're here," said Brigman.

He thinks food trucks getting their own place downtown would help his business in the long run, but would take a while for it to take off.

"I think other things need to come downtown before you can attract people just to food trucks," said Brigman.

Denison's Main Street Director, Donna Dow, said they received an application Friday for historic preservation to start the process for a food truck park.

If approved, they would set up on an empty lot on Crawford and Rusk across from Albertson's.

City Manager Judson Rex said the current ordinance doesn't directly address food trucks or give them parking requirements.

We're told they hope to change that soon, so that they're prepared when the lot is ready to have the vendors.

"It's kind of a fad right now," said Rex. "We want to make sure we have regulations that will accommodate them where they need to be."

Right now, with the proper licensing and a mobile vendors permit, food trucks are able set up at special events for a yearly fee. However, Rex said the city sees benefits in having a specific area for them.

"Really what you get from clustering them is that you find that you attract more people because there's more selection for food, the same reason restaurants like to locate next to each other," said Rex.

"Dad likes barbecue, mom wants Mexican food, the kids want chili dogs, so if everyone can eat in one spot at one time then it brings a lot more people downtown," agreed Brigman.

In addition to special events, Rex said the vendors would most likely be open on week nights and weekends.

"A location permanently that they could come to, but not necessarily always being open," said Rex. "It would be a great opportunity to help get more people on Main Street in downtown Denison and that's really what the goal would be."

Dow said it's too soon to tell when we could see the food trucks roll into the park.

"Let us get down here, open us up a spot," said Brigman.

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