Ex-Tish supt. under OSBI investigation resigns from Atoka Public Schools

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ATOKA, Okla. (KXII) - Kevin Duncan oversaw departments such as transportation and the custodial staff while he worked for the Atoka Public School District.

After his resignation, superintendent Jay McAdams says the school district will move Duncan's former responsibilities around to different administrators.

"I have a text here from Mr. Kevin Duncan, I'll just read that to y'all. 'Mr. McAdams I resign my position at Atoka Public Schools effective September 30, 2018," said McAdams.

McAdams says he received that message last Saturday.

Duncan was serving as the district's director of federal programs, maintenance, and transportation.

State agents seized over a thousand dollars worth of electronics from Duncan's home last month.

They say the purchases were made from a school account while Duncan was Superintendent at Tishomingo Public Schools, a position he resigned from effective June 30th amid the scandal surrounding his wife, Shelley.

The former cheer coach was arrested in 2016 for an alleged sexual relationship with a then 14-year-old boy, a crime for which she's currently awaiting re-trial.

McAdams says he wasn't aware of the allegations against Mr. Duncan when he was hired.

The school board voted Tuesday to remove him as a signee for school district bank accounts.

School board president Keith Cochran says Duncan's departure will mean more work for others.

"There's going to be some positions there that are going to have to be shifted around or make some changes to whatever that may be. I know the superintendent has some decisions to make," said Cochran.

Duncan was not present at the school board meeting. McAdams says Duncan he will not receive a severance as a part of his resignation.