Former Muenster teacher turns herself in after indictment

COOKE COUNTY, Texas (KXII) A former Muenster teacher, accused of having sex with two students has turned herself in after a judge increased her bond.

Lynne Burge was indicted on Friday, December 28th. She was first arrested on October 18th, she posted a $125,000 bond the next day.

Arrest affidavits state that Burge sent nude pictures of herself to a 16-year-old male student on Snapchat last fall, and eventually drank alcohol together and then had sex.

In March, she's accused of doing the same thing with an 18-year-old male student.

The Cooke County DA tells us that when she was indicted last month, the judge raised her bond by 10-thousand dollars for the online solicitation of a minor case. They say she now has to post a new bond.

Burge faces up to fifty years in prison if she's convicted on all counts.