Former Sheriff applies to be process server

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CARTER COUNTY, Okla. (KXII)-- Former Love County Sheriff Joe Russell resigned after being arrested nearly two years ago, but is now asking the Carter County courthouse for a license to handle legal documents.

Monday Russell came to the Carter County courthouse to apply to for a private license as a process server, which would allow him to serve papers in civil cases across the state.

The application has people on social media debating the issue, due to Russell's controversial past. Russell was arrested back in July of 2016 for a number of offenses related to corruption, including allowing his son to sell meth out of their home, and harboring his son's girlfriend who was a fugitive.

He accepted a plea deal in March of 2017, pleading no contest to a misdemeanor: the willful omission to perform a duty.

A process server does not work for the county, but instead gets privately contracted to deliver those civil suits. The only requirements be that he or she is over 18, an Oklahoma resident, of good moral character and found ethically and mentally fit.

The application itself includes an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation background check, and a 30-day waiting period where the public can voice any concerns about the application to the judge who would ultimately grant the license.

"Anybody who contests it is welcome to come here and explain why they don't want a person to be a process server," Deputy court clerk Gina Richardson said. "If they have evidence to prove that this person isn't ethically, morally or mentally fit, than they have the right to be here to show that."

The hearing where a judge will decide whether or not to grant the license will take place May 1st.

News 12 has tried to reach out to Russell and went to his home, but no one was there.

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