Former patient blames opioid abuse on prescriptions written by felon doctor

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- "And he gave me prescriptions. And the oxycodone that he gave me was 30 milligram. Five times a day. And the next month I went in I said, 'can you cut this in half? I don't need that much'"

This former patient of Dr. Diamond says she's suffered with fibromyalgia for more than two decades.

It causes her pain in her back and neck.

She says she went to the doctor's office for help, not pills.

"Well he doesn't ask you any questions. How are you doing on this dosage? How do you feel?"

The patient says she'd taken painkillers in small doses before but never as large as what Diamond prescribed.

She says her initial experience at Diamond's office was pleasant. Until one appointment last June.

"I could hear him on the phone the whole time, talking to his lawyers and you know, trying to get himself dug out of the hole he had dug. And then he comes in and he's just real short with me like he'd never even seen me before. And he basically fired me for using multiple pharmacies. Which I had to do."

She says she had to go to different pharmacies because no single pharmacy would fill the amount of pain medicine the doctor had prescribed.

And then things got worse.

"And at the beginning of August, or the end of July, I quit doing them and I was hospitalized for a week. It was withdrawals, yea. I threw up for two full days."

Withdrawals as she tried to get off the addictive opioids Dr. Diamond had prescribed.

The patient says her blood pressure and her vitals were unstable for weeks.

I have four prescriptions in there that I didn't fill from him. One's pain, one's a muscle relaxer that they just won't even prescribe anymore, Valium and morphine.

Now if I took one of each of those and went to sleep, I'd sleep pretty good.

She says the doctor, now accused of playing a role in the death of seven people, could have taken her life too if she hadn't made the choice to stop.

Diamond was arrested last July charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances, health care fraud and aiding and abetting.

He pleaded guilty to those charges on Friday, in exchange for 20 years in prison.

His formal sentencing has not been scheduled yet.