Former police officer opens medical marijuana dispensary

Published: Jun. 21, 2019 at 6:44 PM CDT
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As a police officer, Jason Thomas used to make some arrests for marijuana possession, but now he wants to use the benefits of medical marijuana to get people away from opioids.

"This can help people, and there is a medical purpose," said Thomas.

Before he became the CEO of Canna Stop, Thomas was in the Marine Corps from 1996-2000.

Then, he went on to have a decade-long career in law enforcement, serving as a police officer in Bryan and Choctaw Counties, and the police chief of Sawyer.

"I know it sounds hypocritic that a police officer, a former marine, a law enforcement officer that has arrested people for things they probably shouldn't be in jail for when talking about marijuana and cannabis," said Thomas.

In 2007 when he was an Antlers police officer, he was dragged 50 feet by a car trying to arrest a suspected crack cocaine dealer.

Thomas needed help dealing with his injuries.

"When something bad happened, what did they do? They (the doctors) prescribed me opioids. I sat in the dark for a long time," said Thomas.

Thomas left law enforcement in 2014, and started using medical marijuana instead of opioids to deal with pain relief and PTSD.

Looking back, he believes the "war on drugs" is misguided.

"Even some of the operations we use to eradicate and to arrest people for this plant is ridiculous," said Thomas.

Jason has opened Canna Stop with his wife Tabitha, and wants to help folks with opioid addictions.

The store is set to open Saturday morning.

"I know what its like to live through those events and press forward," said Thomas.

Thomas says an OMMA doctor will be on sight Saturday, providing recommendations for medical marijuana all day.