Former teacher helps current teachers with school supply aid

Published: Jul. 24, 2019 at 6:42 PM CDT
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One teacher put in a request to the Fannin County Amazon Teacher Wish List a week ago, and on Monday she came home to seven boxes of school supplies.

Trenton first grade teacher Melanie Cranford says she's been receiving gifts from friends, fellow teachers, even former students.

"My husband was wondering what I'd been spending our money on. I said 'I haven't, its my friends and my students that have been sending us stuff,'" said Cranford.

Phyllis Mosley was a teacher in Fannin County for 14 years, and got her inspiration from a larger Amazon wish list Facebook page, and brought the idea to Fannin County.

"I was really surprised at how many teachers were gifting other teachers, so they're not only buying classroom stuff for their own, but giving to other teachers as well," said Mosely.

Teachers can deduct up to $250 of expenses on their federal taxes, and Sam Rayburn Elementary principal Stephanie Laisy says teachers at her school receive a hundred dollar stipend from the district.

She says teachers can end up spending hundreds more, out of their own pockets.

"They might spend $500-1000. And in the rural schools, we don't have as much funding and give teachers what they need, so I think its a fabulous idea," said Laisy.

Mosley's group has over 300 people so far, and people have been gifting everything from markers, books, to hands-on educational games.

"My goal is for most of them to go into the school year with the majority of their list to be bought so they can start the year fresh with those students," said Mosley.

"It sure does help, and we appreciate it. Every teacher does," said Cranford.

If you would like to help, follow the link below:

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