Four arrested in major drug bust

SADLER, Tex. (KXII) - Four people are in jail after Grayson County deputies raided a home in Sadler in a major drug bust.

Grayson County Sheriff's Office says Wesley Hernandez...Amanda Bassett...Dana Atchley and Michael Atchley are facing drug charges after nearly five pounds of marijuana, 259 grams of Xanax, plus a stolen gun from Mesquite were seized by the Grayson County Sheriff's Office around six Friday morning.

Photos show gallon-sized Ziploc bags filled to the brim with drugs.

"We heard a loud bang. It sounded like thunder, and it shook our windows," said Sierra Henry, who lives down the street.

That's how she and her husband Timothy Henry describe the sound they woke up to Friday morning.

"Maybe I thought it was Jesus' second coming, then I thought it was a bomb," Sierra said.

That noise was a distraction device, which Captain Sarah Bigham of the Grayson County Sheriff's Office said officers deployed for their safety.

"So I came to the front door and I saw a white van and cops down the street over here," Sierra said.

Ten to 15 investigators, deputies and special response team members conducted the search warrant.

"The sheriff's office special response team assisted the narcotics investigation unit in executing a search warrant for narcotics activity," Bigham said.

They tell us they found marijuana, Xanax and a stolen gun in a house on South Main Street off Highway 901 in Sadler.

The street value of the drugs, more than $20,000.

The Henry's said during the warrant, their whole street was put on lock down.

"I heard, 'Sheriff's separtment, get back in your house.' I said okay, shut the door," Timothy said.

Bigham said they've been investigating for the past couple weeks.

During the raid, they arrested four people on drug charges.

"People come in and out of those duplexes all the time," Timothy said.

The Henry's said even after a scare like this, they still feel safe in their neighborhood and they're thankful for the sheriff's office doing their job.

"We're not worried in the least bit," Timothy said.

The four people who were arrested are facing drug charges, including possession of drugs in a drug free zone, which is S&S schools.