Four charged, thousands in drugs seized in Marshall County drug bust

MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - Several people are behind bars here at the Marshall County jail after the Marshall County Sheriff's Office and several other local agencies assisted the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics in busting a local drug ring.

Christopher Ray Fox Jr., Dylan Todd Keifer, Ariel Reed and Rudolph Alex Ozuna Jr. all face charges of aggravated drug trafficking from the bust.

OBN Spokesman Mark Woodward said they got a tip earlier this month of people moving large amounts of meth around southern Oklahoma, particularly in Marshall and Love Counties.

OBN called Madill Police Friday morning saying they needed assistance with a traffic stop.

Donny Raley with Madill Police said officers and OBN agents conducted the stop on Highway 70 near Mockingbird Lane around noon.

'While the officer was conducting business with the driver of the vehicle. The dog sniffed the car and made a positive alert," Raley said.

A Lone Grove police officer and a drug-sniffing dog found two pounds of methamphetamine in the car, according to OBN.

Officers then searched an apartment in Oakland and found another pound of meth a pistol and a shotgun.

Another search of a house in Marietta found a quarter pound of meth, a quarter pound of cocaine, 1400 oxycodone pills and about $2900 cash.

The estimated street value for the drugs is around $83,000.

"It's going to make a huge dent in the availability of drugs, specifically methamphetamine and cocaine, down in those areas so we're really pleased with this operation," Woodward said.

If convicted, all four suspects each face a $50,000 bond and 10 years to life in prison.

Keifer faces additional charges of grand larceny and possession of a firearm while committing a felony.

Ozuna also faces additional felony charges related to drug trafficking.

"This particular case is a perfect example of a cooperative effort between many agencies coming together for a unique cause and that's to get any and all drugs off the street," Raley said.

The OBN said it is still investigating and following leads from these arrests.