Frogville native set to help evaluate SCOTUS nominee

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- "Our assignment is to evaluate whether the nominee is favorable or unfavorable on issues that are of specific interest to women," said Sharla Frost.

Choctaw County native Frost is a member of the national association of women lawyers, or NAWL.

When the president nominates someone for a vacant seat on the Supreme Court, that's when NAWL goes to work, reading and interviewing, learning everything they can about the nominee.

"I think the senators take very seriously the recommendations from NAWL and all of the other groups," said Frost.

NAWL is one of many specialty groups under the American Bar Association evaluating candidates for the supreme court based on a specific set of guidelines.

After research and discussion, they turn a consensus over to the United States senate, who has the power to vote yea or nay on the nominee.

"Justices tend to stay on the court until they are in their late 80's or so, so this is a long assignment," said Frost.

This is the sixth Supreme Court nominee Frost has evaluated, weighing in on whether or not Judge Brett Kavanaugh is qualified to sit on the highest bench in the country based on how he works with and for women.

But she says this time around, the discussion will be different.

"The conversation continues and I think with me too movement of the last year or so, the conversation is somewhat different than it has been. There is a focus on making sure that women have opportunities," said Frost.

Although Frost plays a direct roll in representing her values to the senators who ultimately confirm the president's choice, anyone can weigh in by researching and then calling their senator.

"You go in and you dig and you figure out what you think about them and what you think they are likely to be like as a justice and you can't do that simply by listening to people on television tell you what you think about them," said Frost.