Frontier Village donates hundreds of canned goods after trick or treat event

DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- The Grayson County Frontier Village is nestled right of U.S. Highway 75 behind the iconic Dwight D. Eisenhower statue. It's home to 11 of the county's oldest homes.

The village wanted to draw local kids in to learn about their history, so they decided to host their first Trick-or-Treatin in the Village on Saturday. They didn't realize they were also in for a treat.

"We were really excited because we didn't expect this many people to come out," said Carol Smith, the vice-president of Frontier Village. "And it was just totally awesome."

The event Saturday afternoon was free for everyone. The only request was canned goods for admission. The village told us they expected no more than a couple hundred visitors.

"We had a lot of naysayers," Smith explained. "'Oh you're only going to get 200.' But all the cars kept coming in and lining up on both sides of the park."

More than 1,000 people showed up...all ready to give back.

"We have a trailer full of stuff to take to the Grayson County Shelter and we're very proud of that," said Frontier Village Museum director Charla Harris.

On Sunday, they shipped all the canned goods off to the shelter. Harris said the donations were a great bonus to their main goal: keeping the county's unique history alive, by retelling stories of those who have passed.

"Obviously we're helping our community since this is about out history and the community of Grayson County," Harris said. "Then we're helping the people who originated here."

The village also received a number of cash donations from trick-or-treaters. They're going straight to the shelter, too.

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