Frustrated local looking for solution to flooding issue

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DAVIS, Okla. (KXII)-- The Department of Environmental Quality says they're investigating a water run-off problem in Davis.

Sammy Kiser of Kiser Cabins in Davis has a water problem.

'I'm just literally flooded, from one end of my seven acres, to the other." Kiser said.

He tells us he used to allow people renting his cabins to fish in this pond, but hasn't been able to lately due to the flooding.

Kiser says ever since the Arbuckle Wilderness Park was built in Davis about 30 years ago, water being diverted under and above the street is coming onto his property with serious consequences, like constant standing water, mosquitoes and erosion.

"The water is literally washing our property out, every time it rains," Kiser said. "Half inch rain, or four inches of rain."

The 200 acre park features exotic animals along with go carts, bumper boats and a walk thru zoological area across from Turner Falls.

Park owner David Tuma wouldn't go on camera, but says the construction of their park didn't change anything. He says its just water flowing naturally down the mountainside, and that there's nothing they can do.

But Kiser says that's not acceptable, so he called the Department of Environmental Quality who is now investigating the issue.

"You can't stop water, but at the same time, I don't feel his water coming from his pond should be allowed to flood my property." Kiser said.

We reached out to the D.E.Q as well, who told us they can't provide details in an active investigation. Meanwhile, Kiser says all he can do is wait for answers.

"It makes me feel terrible. It makes me feel like somebody can just railroad somebody," Kiser said. "If they can, they won't fix the problem if they're not forced to fix the problem."

Tuma says actions Kiser has taken, such as interfering with drainage ditches to divert the water, have only made matters worse. Kiser denies doing any such thing.

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