Future of Marietta bridge uncertain

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MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) -- Part of a Marietta bridge damaged in a fatal semi crash last month was demolished this week, and now O.D.O.T engineers must determine whether to rebuild or demolish the rest of the bridge.

"Its just a pain you know, its just a pain." Larry Martin, who lives near the closed bridge, says.

The 75-year-old lives off Airport Road, and runs an oil company in the town of Marietta. He must now detour through Highway 32 to get to work, instead of a more direct route across Jacob's Road Bridge.

"I use that bridge at least two or three times a day, back and forth. Its the quickest way into town." Martin said.

But after a semi crashed into the bridge earlier this month, it's remained closed, with engineers removing the damaged section this week.

"From the impact, it appears the bridge did shift a little bit, the other spans," Oklahoma Department of Transportation Engineer Chris Fuhrmann said. "[The engineers are] trying to determine whether the bridge can be used, yes, or if it needs to be torn down."

Martin hopes O.D.O.T takes a serious look at the bridge.

"I know it'll cost some money, but for the convenience and safety of the people that live out there, I think it would be well worth rebuilding." Martin said.

And his neighbors agree.

"I hope they open up Jacobs Road again," Clyde Folsom, who also lives north of the bridge, said. "Its just a road we've always used, and we still need it."

O.D.O.T says there will be a public meeting before any decisions are made.

"The point of the public meeting is to talk with the public, see what the importance of this road is,the importance of the bridge is having access across the Interstate here," Furhmann said. "But like I said, right now there are good alternative routes with Highway 32 and Kings Road."

No date has been set for that meeting yet, but O.D.O.T says it'll be after the engineers can get a good look at the remainder of the bridge.

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