Gainesville, Sherman Police Departments worked together to track down serial burglar

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GAINESVILLE, Tex. (KXII) - The Verizon store in Gainesville was one of three places in town that was burglarized in the past week and a half, Gainesville Police Chief Kevin Phillips says they got some help from an outside source to identify the burglar.

"That evening he was watching KXII news," (Phillips)

Phillips says an investigator with the police department watched News 12s story from Monday, which included surveillance from Buddy's Home Furnishings in Sherman, the third time they were hit in about 3 weeks.

Between January 28th and February 2nd, three more burglaries were committed in Gainesville, including one at Rent 1st, Cricket Wireless and Verizon, which had a mess to clean up.

"He actually broke in to this window over here. I pulled into the drive(way) not knowing he had already broken in, and just noticed the window was gone and glass was all over the store," said Verizon store manager Tara King.

Between the story from Monday, and the surveillance given to them by the other businesses, Gainesville police were able to track down Timothy High Jr.

"Based on clothing and facial features, the suspect appeared to be the same, so we reached out to Sherman (Police) they gave us suspect information and vehicle information," said Phillips.

On Tuesday, High, along with his girlfriend Katherine Jaquess were arrested by Gainesville police at a hotel in town.

Jaquess' two children, ages 7 and 11, were also with them at the hotel, and were taken into Protective Services custody.

High admitted to the burglaries in Gainesville, Sherman, and Denison, and is in the Cooke County Jail with Jacquess.

Police say Jacquess only known involvement was to pawn the stolen items.

"The agencies worked really well together," said Phillips.

Chief Phillips says this is still an ongoing investigation.