Gainesville nail salon making high-quality masks for free

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 8:25 PM CDT
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Manger of 'I Love Nails and Spa' in Gainesville Jeffrey Clancy says after COVID-19 closed their business indefinitely, they wanted to help out the people who take care of the community in the meantime.

"My sister-in-law actually heard there was a shortage of masks so we decided to make masks for hospitals, first-responders, police, fire departments, and anyone else that needed them," he said.

But these aren't regular masks, they got donations from local hospitals of a material that can be used to keep whoever wears them safe.

"The polypropylene properties actually surpass N95 masks," said Clancy.

Clancy said the hospitals and first-responders that get their donations use them frequently now.

"We found through testing by the various hospitals that we have given these masks to, they offer a lot of protection," he said.

It only takes five minutes to make one mask before they are ready to use.

In just three weeks, the salon has made over 15,000 masks for free, and they're sending them as far as thousands of miles away.

"Thirty-plus states. We've sent them to the NYPD, we've sent them to Seattle, some of the COVID hot spots," said Clancy.

If you would like to request masks from the salon, follow the link below:

"Our efforts started with helping people, and there's still a need so we're going to continue to make masks until we can help as many people as possible," said Clancy.

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