Gainesville police arrest man in Sherman burglary

Published: Feb. 5, 2020 at 10:39 PM CST
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Gainesville police have arrested a man they said broke into a rental furniture store Sunday night. They said they believe it's the same man linked to a burglary of a number of furniture store break-ins over the last several weeks.

Rent 1st in Gainesville was broken into, Sunday morning. Just weeks after Buddy's furniture store in Sherman was burglarized. Gainesville police arrested 32-year-old Timothy W. High. Investigators told people at the stores they think these cases may be related.

"There was glass all over the place, it was interesting to come into work the next day," said General Manager of Rent 1st Patrick Williams. "He kicked in the side door over there, not sure what he used, but there was glass all the way over here."

WIlliams said Sunday is the one day a week the store is closed. But around 6 p.m. that same night, Williams said the suspect returned to the store to grab more merchandise.

"Got away with two tablets, a Wii-U, an Xbox and a Play-Station." Williams said.

Williams said he thinks furniture stores are being targeted not only because of the merchandise they sell, but because of their customer service.

He said the suspect was actually in the store the day before the break-in. He didn't realize it until after seeing High's mug shot.

"Seemed like a normal customer, came in, asking about a bunk bed for his wife and his kids, and you know, just normal stuff that customers come in and do," Williams said.