Gainesville woman shot during burglary by suspects wearing clown masks

Published: Oct. 12, 2016 at 10:15 AM CDT
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GAINESVILLE, Texas (KXII) -- Police seek help to find three men suspected of breaking into a woman's home and shooting her with a BB gun.

Police responded this past Tuesday to the 700 block of Ritchey Street.

A 31-year-old woman said she had gone to sleep on her couch and was awakened by three intruders in her house.

She said they were armed with BB gun style pistols, and two of them were wearing clown masks.

She said the three intruders spoke to each other in Spanish, but nothing was said to her.

The intruders shot the BB guns in the residence and one intruder turned his pistol at the woman and shot her in the face causing an injury to her nose and arm, then they all left.

She told officers a young Hispanic male came to the residence looking for her son about 30 minutes prior to this incident. She told police she believed this person was one of the three intruders in the residence.

Surveillance video was located from a neighboring resident.

Police said the investigation continues, and anyone with information is asked to contact the Gainesville Police Department by calling (940) 668-7777, or click the link to their Facebook page. Those wishing to remain anonymous can contact the Crimes Tip Hotline at (940) 612-0000.