Game wardens from Fannin, Grayson counties shine in Animal Planet series

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TEXAS (KXII) - Game wardens from across Texas are featured on the Animal Planet show "Lone Star Law," and this week, you may have seen some familiar faces.

"It's been fun. We have some good stories."

Fannin County game warden Randolph McGee has starred on the Animal Planet Series "Lone Star Law" for four seasons.

The show follows Texas game wardens as they take down animal abusers, illegal hunters and more across the state.

"Four years already," he said. "It's been fun working Texoma. It gives people the opportunity to see what a state game warden does."

On Tuesday, Grayson County game warden Bryan Newman made his debut.

"Randolph McGee had a case he was working, and was asking for help," Newman said. "When I get over, the camera crew is there and they get me on the show."

Newman helped McGee arrest someone accused of animal cruelty in Fannin County.

"They knocked the teeth out of a pig with a hammer," Newman said. "It was a pretty bad deal."

Newman said he was only on the episode for about 30 seconds but the experience was exciting.

"They have their main people and some others get thrown in there now and again," he said. "I'd do it again for sure."

McGee said the show is Animal Planet's most popular series and he loves the positive feedback from locals.

"What's fun is going to a restaurant, kids are watching. There are quite a few fans," McGee said.

But both wardens say they're just doing their jobs.

"There's nothing scripted or made up. They're just watching game wardens on patrol."

McGee hinted an upcoming episode will take place on Lake Texoma, and another Grayson County Game Warden, Daron Blackerby, may make a debut.

The show airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Animal Planet.

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