Garvin County man facing charges for allegedly shooting half brother

GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - Garvin County sheriff Larry Rhodes says a shooting victim crawled his way to East County Road 1568 where he was picked up by a oil field worker and taken to Lindsey for medical attention.

Sheriff Larry Rhodes says a driver reported a man walking down a county road near the Wallville Community Sunday afternoon.

"This person that was walking had told our caller that he thinks he has shot his brother and that his brother needed an ambulance nearby," Rhodes said.

That person walking was 23-year-old Randy Brownlee Jr.

Rhodes says when they arrived they couldn't find Brownlee or the shooting victim - 36-year-old Andy Brownlee, Randy's half brother - until a call came from a Lindsey hospital that someone had brought in a man with gunshot wounds.

"The victim told us he was afraid he was going to die he couldn't walk and he had to crawl to a roadway where he actually flagged down an oil field worker, who was the person who gave him a ride into Lindsey," Rhodes said.

Rhodes says Andy was shot behind his ear and above his ankle with a .22 caliber rifle.

Andy told officials Brownlee had shot him from his mobile home and then took off in a car that deputies found abandoned nearby.

"We believe it stemmed from an argument that happened earlier yesterday morning," Rhodes said.

Rhodes says Brownlee surrendered to deputies at his father's home in Erin Springs hours later.

He was arrested for Shooting with Intent to Kill.

Deputies are still investigating what the two were arguing about.

Brownlee's bond has been to set to one million dollars.

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